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Sweepstakes winners are NOT required to pay any money before receiving their prize. If you have been called or have been mailed notification that you have won a sweepstakes or other type of promotion and need to send money before receiving your prize you are most likely being scammed.

Over the past few years, NSC has advised consumers not to fall prey to these frauds. Unfortunately, these individuals are now using our name and logo in order to appear legitimate.  These sweepstakes are NOT legitimate and are in no way associated with NSC.

If you have been notified that you have won a sweepstakes or other type of promotion and are asked for money please contact your State Attorney General, or you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

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International Series: Say “Oui” to a Sweepstakes in France!

Mar 28, 2017


It’s been a while since we’ve posted an International Series blog.  Have you brushed up on the requirements to run a sweepstakes or contest in the UK or new European Union GDPR guidelines

We have a lot of clients running promotions internationally – some, running in the US and other countries, and others open and advertised only to residents of specific countries (like, France!).  Either way you choose to include residents of other countries in your sweepstakes or contest, you’re going to want to be very sure your promotion is within the regulations set forth for the specific countries you’re including.

Since, we just helped out a Client with a promotion open to French residents, we thought we’d focus on France this time around.


Among other things (ensuring a compliant structure and proper standard legal language, time zone requirements, etc.), all rules must be translated in French. 

Entrants must express consent to enter and confirm agreement and understanding of the official sweepstakes rules.  And, any ambiguity about the role of Sponsor or administrators must be removed.


Promotion may be required to be filed with French bailiff prior to promotion start.


Depending upon the nature of the promotion, and if requested by an Entrant, Sponsor may be required to reimburse entrants for postage, telephone and internet connect costs related to participation in sweepstakes.


There are specific rules relating to the operation of the promotion.  Breaches of these rules could be punishable under the French Consumer Code, with maximum administrative fines of €75,000 (around $80k USD).  Our French counsel has advised compliance, as France has been known to enforce their sweepstakes and contest related guidelines.


NSC has years of experience administering sweepstakes and contests in countries all over the world.  We will ensure the promotion structure is compliant and rules are written in accordance with the laws of the applicable countries included, handle all necessary translations, obtain registrations, permits and handle all applicable submissions to agencies, and facilitate the administration of all other promotion elements, including winner selection, winner notification, prize procurement, fulfillment and tax paperwork.

In order to ensure the utmost compliance with any promotion running in another country, we have established relationships with excellent attorneys worldwide.

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