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Three Summer Contest Ideas

May 09, 2017


It’s almost here.  Summer is literally just around the corner, and we’re desperate for longer days, sun-kissed skin and barbecues. 

Did you know that Summer is actually one of the best times to run a skill-based contest?  Contests require effort on behalf of the entrant.  Holidays are always a great time and, of course, the prize you are awarding makes a huge difference in the level of participation you get.  But, in general – people are happier in the summer months.  And, if you offer up a great contest (with a great prize) and theme it around these happy times?  You stand to get a lot of participation.

With that thought in mind, we’re sharing 3 summer contest ideas to get those creative juices flowin’:


With Father’s day just around the corner, a Father’s Day contest seems like the natural route.  Why not spice it up and get a few good laughs out of it?

Entry Method:  Entrants submit their Dad’s most hilarious words of wisdom or advice along with a brief essay describing why their Dad should win the funniest dad award.

Judging:  Submissions are judged based upon how funny and unique the wisdoms are, as well as the creativity, grammer and content of the essay.  Most hilarious Dad wins.

Prize:  Summer grilling package, complete with everything dad needs to grill (Grill, tools, steak membership & grilling spices)


Christmas in July is totally a thing.  Here’s a great way to engage your audience and get your product showcased and spread across social media.

Entry Method:  Entrants upload their own music video showcasing your product. All submissions must incorporate the Christmas in July theme in the video

Judging:  All videos are judged by creativity, use of the Christmas in July theme and use of product in video.

Prize:  $2,500 cash!


Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to relive all of the fabulous memories created with friends and family.

Entry Method:  Upload a photo depicting your most favorite summer memory along with a brief essay describing why that memory means so much.

Judging:  Submissions are judged based upon creativity, content and emotion and how the story is emoted in essay and photo.

Prize:  A trip to winner’s favorite US based destination (includes up to 5 guests!)


All contests have laws to abide by regardless of season.  And, it depends upon what you are asking of the entrant, where the promotion is being run (regionally), age of entrants, prize awarded and more.  Let us know when you have an idea in mind and we’ll share anything you need to consider to ensure compliance.  We’ll help you make it happen!

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