Since you've made it this far, we know you have at least one reason why you are interested in running a sweepstakes. But, if you're new to the promotional world, you may not be aware of just how many benefits there are when running one! So, we thought we'd help support your decision by providing all of the extra benefits you may not have thought of yet:

Increased Visibility and Increased Awareness

Sweepstakes are a fantastic way to create increased awareness about a brand, build and reinforce customer loyalty and create "perceived authority". We wrote a blog post and touched on "perceived authority" - a sweepstakes that incorporates social media as its method of entry and advertising plays a huge part in building up your brand!

New Customers and New Sales

Yes, please! With a sweepstakes, you can use the entrant data to build a list of potential customers to market to, and (fingers crossed) convert to sales. Sweepstakes are a great way to reach a totally new audience and grow your existing client base. And, as long as you have a free method of entry, you can afford entries after a person purchases your products or services. Sales increase. Bingo!


How and when you advertise your sweepstakes is critical to its success - but, if you structure it right, you can maximize the free advertising that comes from the people entering for a chance to win (crowd source it). And, promotional entry materials (such as photos, videos, etc.) can be used later to promote your brand.


If you're advertising effectively, sweepstakes can push extra traffic to your website and promote more search around your brand. Sweepstakes can make your website more popular, improve your website's authority, and boost your rankings. Pair it with traditional optimization efforts and you'll increase your chance for success.

We're here to answer any questions you have or brainstorm ideas (consultations are always FREE)! Contact us when you're ready. And, be sure to check out our blog - it's another great source for information regarding sweepstakes, contests and the promotion industry!